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Aux Mille Pins


Atelier directed by Claudio Colucci, HEAD - University of Art and Design, Geneva


January 2017

Travelling tea rooms are moments of discovery and conviviality around tea and Japanese sweets. Aux Mille Pins (or 88 Pins) is a contemporary approach of the traditional Japanese tea house. Emiko Okamoto offers an immersion in the ritual of the traditional art of tea, using this modular kit to travel to many events across Switzerland.

The kit was designed to be modular and therefore gives many arrangement options. The furniture can be displayed as shelves or as a table and stools, depending each ceremony. The design was inspired by the Japanese minimalism to accommodate the teas and objects.

Imagined and built in collaboration with Mounira Mokhtar, Kishan Asensio and Victor Duterme, this project was exposed at the Fondation Baur, Geneva in January 2017, during the Design Days, Geneva in October 2017 and during the Designers' Saturday, Langenthal in November 2019.


Baptiste Coulon

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