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Renovation of a typical Finnish Hirsimökki in Oulu, Finland. Work in progress.


July 2020

This project is the renovation of a typical Finnish cottage called Hirsimökki, based in Oulu. The cottage was built in the 1990's with a lot of pine wood - from the furniture to the kitchen, from the floor to the ceiling. The concept is to keep its identity as a wood construction with a modern twist.

As a result, the floor is painted in a light grey (still in process) and the ceiling in white which allows a better contrast with the existing beams. Bringing white and grey on the surfaces makes the room feel lighter and less overwhelming. The existing log walls remain the same to keep the character of the Hirsimökki. A lot of the existing furniture is revamped and the decoration is in keeping with the style - touches of blue and grey, a handmade kitchen lamp made of reindeer antlers, some antiques found over the years.


Atelier Saara Karvonen

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