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Lookbook Photoshoot


Sincerity, JA


September 2023

Sincerity Lookbook Photoshoot in France.

Design Director: Olivia Howes
Dress Brand: Sincerity, Justin Alexander
Production Coordinator: Beyond The Meadow
France Production/Fixer: Eyesee Production
Shoot Dressers: Alice Curson, Niamh Smithers, Atelier Saara Karvonen
Stills Photographer: Dan Will
Digi Op/Lighting Assistant: Ben Colson
Videographer: Archie Thomas
Social Photographer: By Megan Bronte
Social Videographer: Vida Visuals
MUA & Hair: Chloegh Bridal and Astons Makeup and Beauty
Models: Zoe Severini, Emma Svensson, Taleyx and Hann_hk


Atelier Saara Karvonen

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