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The Blue Pearl


Atelier directed by Simon Husslein, HEAD - University of Art and Design, Geneva


June 2018

Exhibition for Bucherer, in Geneva. The exhibition shows the interpretation of the values and qualities of the luxury world through each students work. The Blue Pearl is the interpretation of my own experience in the boutique, and the emotion I was feeling while discovering the jewelleries and watches.

The idea was to rethink the concept and the form of a handbag by creating a privileged moment, discovering the Bucherer jewel inside the cocoon. The envelope of the bag is created using two layers of plastic. Starting with a flat plastic sheet, the shape is given by the material itself, by melting and manipulating it. This method gives a unique and surprising packaging whilst retaining the distinctive characteristics of the material. Opening the protective shell gives a glimpse of the Bucherer jewellery immersed inside.


Michel Giesbrecht

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