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Decorating with Second Hand

I love going into second hand shops! I believe that old furniture has so much impact in a room; it gives a unique look, some character and it brings nice textures. Going to find a second hand piece is not easy, you need to find the right item. Most of the furniture or objects are in good condition, but sometimes what you find might need some work. No worries! It will look even better with a bit of work. Lately, I was looking for different picture frames, with textures and shapes that would be interesting. The colors of the old frames didn't suit my interior, so I simply painted all the frames in black.

A good tip to create the perfect home decor is to use a few old items paired with new and contemporary furniture. For example, old frames with a vase and an old chair will perfectly match with a contemporary piece of furniture. I also like to complement my second hand pieces with nice fabrics and contemporary illustrations. In the picture below, the carpet and the vase were given by my great-grandmother. In fact, the carpet was made by her about 50 years ago! I just love it. The colors are perfect and the texture looks natural, as it is handmade. It fits perfectly with my Next Home coffee table and the old vase. 

A great way to use second hand furniture is also by getting unmatching chairs, but with the same structure. In my dining room, I use four different chairs that are painted in white for more cohesion. All chairs are different but the color makes them complement each other. As I had old chairs, I didn't want a modern table. As a result, I turned a door into a table and added black metal hairpin legs. I planned to paint the door in blue, but after sanding it, we discovered the natural color of the wood which looks so much better than if I did paint it. The door was not bought in a shop, but it was given by our neighbors when they were renovating their downstairs flat. It is so much more original than buying the same table as everybody else. And cheaper.

When I was talking about texture, this is exactly what I meant. I found this hallway table in a second hand shop in Ely, Cambridgeshire. You can see how the table has lived during all those years, but that is what gives its character. Looking for a used furniture is never going to be like shopping new furniture. Don't try and look for the perfect piece, because it simply doesn't exist. Instead, try and look for the most unique one.

In short, I believe that old pieces paired with modern elements makes your interior so special. It is easy to upcycle the furniture, and at the end it is cheaper as well. As long as you have time! Second hand shops are usually not posting online (or at least the ones I am going to are not posting online), which means you need to go by yourself. Be ready to look in all the hidden corners of the shops to not miss the perfect piece you were looking for! The most important ? Buy what you like! It will always find its place in your interior as long as you like the treasure you found.


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